Man Against Earth

For example, using fossil fuels, mankind is influencing the terrestrial carbon cycle. In 300,000 years, the content of carbon dioxide atmosphere was never as high as today. Nobody knows for sure how to react to the climate system. To put things in perspective: contemporary human race has only existed for 50,000 years. You may want to visit Scott Kahan to increase your knowledge. Just about the importance of the topic, consider it appropriate to remember what good looks Ulrich Brand, professor of political science at the University of Vienna, who begins his letter commenting that what has emerged in the last 20 years is a type of management global resources in which governments, employers, scientists, NGOs and the media act collectively to control environmental destruction. Some people criticize the content of policies as inadequate.

But it is formulated as a critique of politics. Do not criticize the form of intergovernmental policy, namely diplomacy under pressure from interest groups in search of a consensus that systematically leads to weak commitments. Credit: Henderson Law Group-2011. Moreover, it minimizes the need to challenge corporate power business and lifestyles of upper and middle classes to get serious about climate change. Brand added that the instruments of global environmental policy is based primarily on the market because “the market” is considered by powerful actors such as the best means to address long-term problems like climate change. Not coincidentally, the main instrument of the UNFCCC is the trade with emission rights. Moreover, this justifies weak policies “at home” because you can promote radical change if other countries do not participate. It is a matter of competitiveness.