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If you have an after some questions the answer no or not sure, then it is here and you need to work on yourself that business is beginning to emerge from a crisis, or to gain a good momentum in earnings. Features of the development projects e-commerce. As a course of action and implementation of e-commerce has its psychological characteristics, I decided to disassemble them separately. The system is simple – you ask a question which in itself contains the answer to the problem. You answer (without thinking) to each question: yes, no or not sure. You are already clearly understood who your target prospect? Do you realize the primary reason due to which a potential customer comes to your site? Do you know the main and unique distinctive feature of your product (service) of the other proposals on the market? Do you understand crystal clear main benefit of your product to your potential client? Proves you in your quotation at the site and mailing lists that your product (service) is exactly that you position and not the ordinary emotions bare and empty promises? Do you use only those methods in his business, which is on your own experience showed the highest efficiency? Do you communicate freely with All their customers? Now, honestly look at your answers and identify weaknesses in your business where you need to catch up to the peaceful and honest answers "Yes". Stop the process. And finally, we analyze the same quite important and often problematic aspect of doing business – a skill in time to stop the various processes. Let's look at an example.