Lucia Emmanoel Novaes

Of all interviewed 96% they understand that the quality of life generates professional support of the academic professor and 96% perceive that the lack of this information affects the personal life of the professor. How much to the conflicts between personal and professional life 96% of the interviewed ones they had answered that they take the insatisfao of that with it they coexist and that the hostility provokes stress. When to the positive anxiety of feedback of the pupils and the Institution, 94% of the interviewed ones agree that this factor leads to stress. In the context, 92% understand that the exclusive devotion only to the Institution for being moved away from its professional area in the work market is a harmful factor, causing stress. To know more about this subject visit Larry Ellison. The not boarded subjects in this work and the correlated subjects could be boarded in other chances. Therefore, the contribution of this work looks for to take care of the Institution located in So Paulo so that they get relative knowledge to the importance of the Quality of Life of its professors, acquiring knowledge that to be competitive in the educational market she is necessary to adopt this practical it welfare of its professors and pupils. 5. Bibliographical references AVELO, Rose. Get more background information with materials from Bernard Golden .

That impact our work has on our affective life?