Lothar Wendt

We can obtain the necessary knowledge to ourselves. Often the knowledge but not sufficient alone. If the standby is missing, to change something, refrain dear habits and to be active, the best knowledge can’t help. Who relies entirely on that every disease from other people is helped him, which will recognize often and sometimes too late, that he would have helped myself. Self-help is announced. The arthritis self help find interlocutors who report from my own experience. Experience comes so to knowledge and which is even more valuable than the best textbook.

Who are we? We are a small group of former patients with osteoarthritis. A self-help group that literally takes “Self-help”. What do we want? We want to spread the knowledge that arthritis is curable. Or should we say: “can be curable?”, because it is up to each participant, whether he accepts the new findings, transposes and applies. How do we help us? Don’t ask about the Tablet the arthritis cure. It does not exist. Also the other “usual” measures, such as spraying, rays, massages, acupuncture, operations can arthritis maybe something to relieve but not cure.

Cure a disease can only who knows the cause. This also applies to osteoarthritis. Are we scientific? No, if you look at the common guidelines of medical science. Yes, if you take the nature as a benchmark for science. What do we do differently? We provide us with the necessary knowledge of themselves and not rely on recommendations from our doctors, which this knowledge was not imparted. Alone the right knowledge has helped us and what’s right, has shown us our own experience. What our tutor, Professor Dr. med. Lothar Wendt us taught, we tried and it has helped. Also our success stories are different. You are not anonymous, as is customary in advertising, but only with full address and phone number published.