Let The Stones Speak!

Dipl.-ing. Timothy C. Vincent informed comparing our modern funeral culture of perhaps 150 years ago, you will find one: it lacks the special. The tombs, which you can discover today in many cemeteries, similar the other almost like an egg. It is often imported commodity, which is labeled only by the local stonemasons. It is worse with anonymous or semi anonymous graves, where uniform plates in the grass be kept out, running up the name of the deceased is documented.

This trend did nothing more with the tradition of honoring the dead and to preserve their memory with personal tombstones for future generations. Memorials were not just a necessary evil or something you just need, but a mirror image of the deceased and a monument, which is a very personal story. Today, the trend towards uniformity is additionally funded by very restrictive cemetery regulations, so that it in some families, a want individual Tomb, very difficult. Against the negative development of the funeral culture stonemasons and carvers themselves nationally to defend. The active circle special memorials e.V. is a focal point of rock artists in Germany.

Also the renowned sculptor Timothy Vincent, which is has been awarded several times for his impressive work among them. All other members are award-winning artists, which aims to change the landscape of the cemetery. For them, this is done through special memorials. Each grave character that is made by the members of the active circle is unique as the human, it is dedicated to. Therefore, offer these artists also no catalogs from which you can choose, but work according to their customers. The stones are ultimately what is preserved for posterity and tell the stories of the deceased also strangers walking on large and small cemeteries. Read more here: Larry Ellison. Thanks to Masons and stone sculptors, as it Timothy Vincent is to learn the monuments get back a face and a voice, as they had also the man in front of them. Timothy Vincent provides more information about the active circle special memorials e.V. – and also his own works and projects.