Jens OLE Wilberg Luups

Give away instead of candy coupon book for outings with the family “The little Luups” is a tip for all those who want to put something else in the Easter basket times Easter instead of candy. While chocolate eggs later felt uncomfortable on the hips, the small Luups (16,90) brings the whole family moving. Others including Rony Abovitz, offer their opinions as well. Only half of the cost in the Leisure Guide, over 40 destinations in the region of Dortmund/Unna are presented for owners of the coupon book to the motto of two for one”. Parents are happy that they can enable the family with the little Luups and save at the same time. For the children the fun begins as soon as you hold the book in your hands: small stories, how-to tips and drawings painted by children make it a colorful book, which is full of surprises. Hear other arguments on the topic with Chase Coleman.

In addition, a link with which you can download children songs is from the Internet is located in the book. Practical: Because the small Luups has the format of a CD and the detachable pages are can you own tinker his own CD cover is from the lovely Luups pages. In between, many, many different leisure activities for families are presented. Of the children’s Opera to visit to the restaurant and from the forest school to the music school the reader encounters many suggestions and discounts. Thus, the Luups makers Karsten Brinsa and Jens Ole Wilberg would motivate parents, just to try something new with the kids. The Easter holidays also offer a good opportunity… The small Luups is available in bookstores or on the Internet at for 16,90. The small Luups of 2010: love your small city: vouchers for food/drink, leisure/culture, children’s clothing/toys: 16,90 euro author: Jens OLE Wilberg, PR: event: Wilberg