Price is a quality by which to get the best out of a possible result. Lawyer to justice should know no less an expert, but in terms of judicial practice in the same examination and their elimination should know more. Experts often do not follow the changes in their field, and you have the Internet and the desire win. Directly expose the conclusions of the expert questioned in court without proof, a lawyer with no qualification of the expert is absurd. But to find the cause of that expert for similar disputes, and provide the court with evidence opposing expert testimony in another case? Good and efficient move. Expert should be to attack and in addition to the above evidence to find violations or inconsistencies in his examination of technical standards, rules. These documents must fully take to the court for presentation on a review of the court. And the main thing is not lost.

No matter how many years was not an expert in whatever credibility the court he was not – look for his mistakes, find it is not professionalism. In confirmation of the claims to the quality of his work can be found on the Internet information from forums – feedback. Work. Look. Laid the doubts and make motions on the appointment of a comprehensive examination. But the second expert Think about the organization in advance to avoid it so happened that for you is the thought the court.

The court usually has its familiar expert organizations, but it's not the fact that you are going to help. You do not give your reasons and arguments of others Experts and specialists, or the arguments of the same expert, so the court does not deem your attacks – attacks against an unprepared attorney to a certified expert. Your tactical moves, which we today have indicated you would look competently and with dignity. The main addition to the judicial debate look to everything you say and tell the court in writing and record before the trial began. So how to break an expert in court? Work as an expert and find many things to