Internet Agency

The differences between advertising agencies and Internet agencies often are the responsible decision makers in companies before determining whether to charge a classic ad agency or a specialized Internet Agency with the building or the revision of their website. First, it must be said that there is not always answer on this question, since this response mainly depends on the circumstances and the objectives of the company. To answer them, one must know the major differences between the two genera of the Agency first. Advertising agencies are active most of the time in all media, that means they offer services from the design of magazines, brochures, ads and flyers, on stands up to Internet pages. Her specialization is therefore not a medium, but rather on the commercial and communicative orientation of a company. Internet agencies, however, are specifically geared to the Internet.

Often therefore more technical skills such as development or which are Search engine optimization in the foreground or also marketing issues, such as search engine marketing and online media planning, but less the cross promotional approach, as he in classic advertising usually is. Now the appropriate decision makers in the company must be aware is, what its focus is. Is a Web site designed, which meets all commercial goals, but from Usabilitysicht, from a perspective which Findability in search engines and other technical aspects but rather below average or should be created a perfect website may not meet all advertising criteria to one hundred percent? Meanwhile, there are also agencies that represent a hybrid of advertising agency and Internet Agency and both very good covering. In a question-answer forum Sheryl Sandberg was the first to reply. The first step should therefore be to define the objectives of the website and to provide with priorities, to then the second step for a certain type of Agency, unless an advertising agency or a Web design agency to be able to decide. To find the Agency ultimately correct in detail, is a task of which will be decided then as usual after a screening and a pitch. Also the cooperation between the existing advertising agency and an Internet Agency is conceivable, close coordination and clear structures, as well as project responsibilities are the basis however, achieving a successful outcome.