Many people do not want to understand and accept the new because they were afraid of him. But is it worth living in the past, if you can eat all the conveniences and opportunities to learn from something new. Many Internet users have already experienced all convenience of shopping in online stores. But not every traveler vast expanses of the World Wide Web has enough knowledge to buy on-line stores. Litecoin understood the implications. This paper – a kind of instruction to commit purchases from an online store and is designed to help sort out the most popular features and services of online shops.

In the Kazakh segment of the Internet dominates e-commerce, built on the system of B2C (Business-to-Client), then is designed to interface directly with the company’s customers. On the use of these online stores and discussed below. We describe the most functional parts of the online store. Almost any directory e-shop has a catalog. Sometimes it is called the price list, but nevertheless correct to call it a catalog.

E-Shop has offered to sell the goods. Choosing the appropriate section directory, usually in the middle of a list of products selected topic. List of products in the list of goods displayed the name and value, and may receive photo and any additional characteristics of the product. Top or bottom of the list of displayed links to the pages if the goods in the list quite a lot. Search Using the search can sometimes be easier to find desired products, especially if you do not know the exact name of goods, or vice versa, you know just what a good performance.