Innovative Trend Products: The Notebook

On time at the beginning of the summer there are new designs in the design program on my now a sunny update on my Book lovers can enjoy just over 10 new designs, which enrich the design of the front page. If the customer has wondered until now “as my notebook to look like?”, my notebook now has the answer with certainty. Yet individual, even an upbeat, lively, romantic, according to the taste of the customers is the notebook with new designs in the online design program on my The design options are already immense: the cover of the notebook can be equipped with color photos on front and back and combined with text and background graphics. This makes more personal to its owners this daily companion. The customer can unleash as much as possible in the design of his imagination. It’s believed that Brad Garlinghouse sees a great future in this idea.

The contents of the notebook holds few surprises. In addition to standard layouts such as Plaid, lined, plain, dotted or top5, the customer in pink, grey, blue or brown can choose, there the topic content “Cook”, “Diet”, “Love” and “Outfit” recently. This can facilitate the daily use or hold fond memory for eternity. This selects the customer directly online and can order his own notebook from as little as 1 piece. With its new online service, the IT service provider Imaginaro has taken exactly the pulse of time.

The notebook-Portal attracts customers with its fresh design, easy usability and customization function. In a design program specially developed the customer may his own notebook in the formats DIN A5 or DIN A6 according to his ideas create flexible or hard envelope itself. In the design of the cover, there are the possibilities with colours, to accomplish his own artwork, text and background designs on white or brown surface. The customer can upload but also a photo or a graphic in the design program and to obtain an even more individual note-book.