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New versions of ERP and accounting software available in the Aachen-based developer of Software CTO software has updated its product range and launches new versions for the inventory control and billing software EHO, as well as the financial accounting programs, accounting and EA in a timely manner before the turn of the year. New features such as a Google Maps integration and advanced field sizes were accommodated in the 32 bit-enabled EHO-business series as well as in the XP version. Other changes in the EHO-business version include an integrated interface to MS Word, the letters can be composed by predefined templates. A similar interface is now also available for mail programs that can use HTML mail templates. The statistics functions and export opportunities were expanded as well.

The current version is 4.0 in the business series in 2010 and in the XP series. The documentation of the goods management software was written in new, and now corresponds to the current status of the software. In the course of which also the user’s Guide has been updated and the printed versions available early 2010. In the financial accounting software accounting standard for electronic account statements MT 940 has been implemented so that these can now be read in the program. Also the charts were adjusted and the module to the electronic data transmission to the IRS ElSter has been updated. Some reports now also called ASC files may be issued in addition to the printed list. The EHO-business series was also tested on the new Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems and is fully compatible with it. The XP program series EHO XP 4.0 and accounting 6.0 runs on the new systems limited, the business series is recommended for Windows Vista and 7. The new versions of the program can immediately CTO software be ordered from the manufacturer.