Holistic Education

Sustainable development is an example of transdisciplinarity, because it is a new holistic vision which sees social life as an organized network of relationships, with research from the logic of discovery which makes strategic use of scientific knowledge on a network. Holistic education including science-spirituality relationship. The development of societies and their transformations are included are alive in the perennial philosophy and are considered in the economic, political and cultural. Dr. Gallegos in his book Holistic Education pp. 165-175 addresses this issue from the sustainability and as the scientific-industrial culture is predominantly the one in continual struggle with spirituality, economic freedom and ecology.

Is very clear about the harmful effects of rigid views about the identities and the extent of existing materials in the world. Dr. Gallegos says that the twenty-first century will not be the century of the economy and politics.; Vision holistic sustainable emerging culture will prevent it, since it is through this new philosophy which will be a new resurgence of transcendental values of science, the arts and spirituality. Beyond the symbolic value that is revealed for example the natural limits of any country that joins and separates the same time, including while excluded, there are other areas distant from the boundary line. In these bands happen encounters between different cultural meanings and identities, sometimes as face to face interactions and other business or imaginary constructions is done when you have to choose between cultural and linguistic choices, creating events where the border is the language cultural values, national interests, ideologies, etc. .