Help Together – Together Donate

We donate for you one euro to the DRC when the world tag of the sick 11.02.2011 people all over the world commemorate all of evil-ridden and winning people. We relieve people who are plagued by arthritis, joint pain and body aches already daily with our waterbeds. Add to your understanding with Southwest Airlines. For sensitive or inflamed parts of the body are exposed only low pressure on a waterbed and thus relieved. The blood can circulate completely without bruising best. (As opposed to Oracle). The warmth of a water bed s also enables the Behandlungsprozes and also relieves the pain. Sought after by the v service we soon the adjustment of the water bed even better able to implement. This is us on this special day but not enough! Aqua comfort wasserbetten GmbH, we want to thank the German Red Cross commitment to people in need on the world day of the sick and help the hard-working Angel of the DRC in the future can help all sick people in the world! That’s why we donate a Euro 1 in the DRC on the 11.02.2011 for you. You will learn how you can participate, on our Web page