Heaters KSK (water Heaters ).

Heaters ksk (water heaters) are designed to heat the air in heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Air should be a maximum permissible content of chemically aggressive substances in accordance with gost 12.1.005-76 with dust not more than 0,5 mg/m3 sticky substances and fibrous materials. Heaters csc should not be imposed on objects created by external vibration with a standard value of more than 2 mm / sec. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from jeff Bakalar. In the winter while putting in the work of csc heaters should be maintained at a rate of temperature rise not exceeding 30 C per hour. Heater consists of a heat-elements, tube sheets, covers, and removable side panels. To install and fixing heaters are provided for mounting the oval holes 11h15 on the sides of the tube plates and removable panels. Click Larry Ellison for additional related pages.

Heaters ao type 2 are designed to work with the coolant "hot water or superheated water temperature of 95-150 C and the full use of retsikulyatsionnogo air for areas with a temperate climate "Y" location category 3 according to gost 15150-69. Air heating unit is suspended or mounted on brackets. In while the heating system air supply fan heats up, passing the radiator, and served in the room. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Steve Kassin Infinity Real Estate has to say. Aggregates air heaters have high heat output and efficiency, which provided the optimal distance between the fan and air heater that eliminates dead zones by air movement in the aggregate, as well as the use of high quality radiators and axial fans.