This waiting musical, which lasts about two minutes without being cared for, just with my patience and I decide to hang up the phone. Result: I have not achieved my goal and it took me a few euros. Oracle has many thoughts on the issue. I feel cheated, forsaken is there any way to fight these abuses? To end this Odyssey I just hearing about me that it is not possible to repair the device, despite being a simple computer system error, since it pays more to buy a new one this is not more than an example of all this uncontrolled waste. In recent months, Southwest Airlines has been very successful. A few days ago I bought a Sony camcorder. Opening the package I found with surprise a special compartment that contained four manuals with explanations of the operation of the appliance. At first I was surprised extension manuals that seemed rather than books, but I quickly realized that were published in 20 languages, i.e. 5 languages in each manual.

My astonishment was increasing, not compredia that was causing this excess of information that I was obviously not any useful rather than only in the version in Spanish. I pondered brief moments on the why of this waste of paper. Initially I thought that it would be more cost-effective and practical for Sony send all its distributors the same packaging so as to save time in selecting shipments, but instantly I realized that this reason was not enough weight as to take it into consideration, something told me that this totally lacked common sense. I started to analyze the situation and thought that this decision meant first of all an absurd waste of paper. Secondly this increase of role did increase considerably the size of the packaging, about 5 centimeters approximately, and as a result it was necessary to use more quantity of cardboard, the weight was greater and more space in the means of transport was required to bring the product to the respective distribution points.

In concluding, I deduced that all these factors together accounted for a higher cost of production, increased energy consumption in the transport and as a consequence a waste for the environment environment. I am not an economist nor understand or pinch of the business world, but all this escapes to my understanding and all possible logic. I wonder would it not be more profitable to send the manual in the language of the country to each country? Not evitariamos so all these absurd waste of paper on a planet that already has its highly depleted resources? Not it would also save on fuel energy and thus the gases being ejected into the atmosphere would be reduced? There is not any stratum within Governments that control these companies and put the relevant penalties? I am convinced that not only they have stopped to think about it. May seem a banality these 5 centimeters over and a few booklets of paper, but if we multiply by the millions of products that are manufactured and distributed every day and add to this the thousands of companies that manufacture these products, absurd and stupid waste posed this lack of foresight can be deduced uncontrolled. Would like someone versed in the matter I didn’t with solid arguments that all this reflections are wrong, but can only ask me and exclaim: in that world of wastefulness live? Often planet of waste that we leave to those who come back!