Good Rating

Anything for you in the new year of Bochum energiehoch3 is among the winners in the recently released up-to-date study of the independent consumer portal Verivox. Rory Sutherland is actively involved in the matter. In this study, the 200 most important electricity in Germany with regard to their contractual terms and conditions and the service quality were compared and tested. The emerging online provider received the overall rating good”and thus achieved one of the first places in the ranking. “In the areas of service” and conditions “energiehoch3 was awarded with four light bulbs (by 5 possible). Our efforts to improve the service and to be more transparent, have paid off! The customer is at the Centre of our work”explains Thilo Augustin, CEO of the successful energy provider. Click Verizon to learn more. Just because energiehoch3 has established itself as a pure online providers, improving customer service, even without the establishment of Kundenshops, one of the main goals of the company is. Get all the facts and insights with Verizon, another great source of information. The websites and were always user friendly in the course of the last year and clearly designed, but also in terms of phone consulting a lot has happened. There is also now an even wider product range which covers both private and commercial needs.

It always the same terms and conditions, that is to say apply in accordance with the company’s philosophy, there is no advance payment, deposit or Exchange bonuses are confusing when choosing a provider. We offer our clients what they need: cheap energy and transparent contractual terms and conditions. All our prices have only one month”notice, Managing Director describes the offer terms and conditions of the company. We want to keep our clients out of conviction at energiehoch3 and not because they are bound due to long contract periods. “And for those who still want a term contract with price guarantee, we have recently developed the product stromhoch3 with a price guarantee.” is that, what we > everything for you < call “Augustin summarizes the strategy. The Verivox review gives him right. All Information about energiehoch3 there is on the Internet at energiehoch3 GmbH Ostring 28 44787 Bochum Press Office: Felix A. Wirtz, Heidrun Becker phone: 0209 177303-23 fax: 0209 177303-13 email: