Global Heating

We will not enter emmaiores details in this text, but we were white of hard critical, coming of all the sides. However, we do not change our opinion. Now, new studies had affirmed that an increase of only 2 C in the temperature of the Land will be capable to cause this melting. Probably this will happen in the date that already we had repassed, has seen that new models of scientific forecasts work with an increase of 5 to 7 C in the terrestrial temperature, until the year of 2050, and the forecasts come moving to each month that passes, with the occurrence of new events. Exactly that it does not happen in 2012, the real date is dangerously very next.

This is fact! If the population makes urgent an awareness of all and all the governments the world-wide level concerning this lamentable problem that we ourselves we create. We are only the responsible ones for the intensification of these changes and must work all together in the attainment of the natural balance. Of same foma that we only think about profits and we never worry in them about the support, thinking that the nature would be capable to absorb all and any pollution, if he urgently makes necessary the return between capacity and exploration. The Global Heating must be treated, at least, with the same concern that was treated this financial crisis, therefore it is much more dangerous and urgent who any another event, has seen that it deals with to our lives and the life of the future generations. source of information. God is allowing the accomplishment of this work and spreading of some dates, everything so that let us can preparing in them and believing that It is to our side. Already we more than affirm a time, that would not be at the moment where more we need the Father, who It would abandon in them.