Game Crusade

It just so happened that the gamers I've never been. Since that time, got a computer, playing a total of ten different games. Passed from the beginning to the end of about three or four pieces. Well, not me, it's delayed – because never was skilful player. However, I can not say that the game really does try to get round. I'm attracted to flash games. I at one time and he was trying to create them. To deepen your understanding Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union is the source. Just beyond the circle, moving on the screen when you press the buttons arrow thing I did not get.

But I have gathered a decent collection of flash games. In this article I would like to tell you about one of them. I was lucky to get hold of a wonderful flash game called Crusade, whose name translates as "Crusade". Nezateylevy plot seems a feature of most flash games. Flash Game Crusade, what is it? We have to cleanse the earth of Europe from the monsters. Purify understandably will not filthy broom. For destruction of the foe in hand we are given a variegated gun must be cast iron or copper.

The gun shoots like a single core, and once by three. The special charm – a discontinuous kernel. Another gun can shoot arrows, there have been still rotten and a broom to include ammunition. Of course, all these shells are not available immediately. In each level should be soaked all the monsters and destroy the castle. You will then be presented with a medal. The award may be bronze, silver, gold. Of course depends on your accuracy. For just too big and inefficient expenditure of shells medals you can not see. Monsters in the game very entertaining. There are one-eyed, can the Cyclops, who knows. Some demons with horns and illuminated from below "hellish" in flames. Lawrence Ellison may help you with your research. Soak these ghouls easily. Die as a direct hit by a shell, and falls from a height. By the fathers they go, issuing a funny squealing, and ascends to heaven, white substance should be the spirit of the existing head monster. Sometimes it happens that shmyaknuvshiysya from a height of vampire, is buried under the rubble. In this case, soak it becomes extremely difficult. It is best to click on reset and make another attempt, as the medals will not give. Action at all levels against the background of the sunset toli, toli dawn. Twinkling stars in the sky, floating haze of mist. Encouraged by the presence in the game level editor.