Free Letters

Luis Hernandez described Navarrese them and wrote thus, in the Day: Nevertheless, in spite of their recent protagonism, the prophets of the aim of the utopia leak. They do not have anything to offer to the towns of Latin America. Who they listen are, as soon as, its hearings of always. Their opinions do not norman criteria nor legitimize conducts. In spite of their opinions, by all the corners of the region emancipatory projects bloom. The indigenous fight is unstoppable. The critical marxism appears again. The social movements put in check to the oligarchies.

The economic crisis sank definitively to the Consensus of Washington. With him they sink who sailed in that boat decreeing that was the unique viable option. If Enrique Krauze creates to have the power to right judge left-hand side and to which there will be to happen to the biographies of the power, because Hinojosa does not do already with Felipe Caldern, not having to hope that he turns six years, because if there is something in favor of the biographer, historian, essay writer of the power in Mexico, are the cortedad of the stature and the investiture of the presidencialismo of clean hands and the PANista use, throwing to him the hand, by the rest of the presidential term, to the return of the long and corrupt hands of the PRIsmo? He writes in, Intellectuals and Politicians, Arnoldo Kraus: brings back to consciousness critical is a gift; to exert it, to confront our political ralea is not only a possibility, but an obligation of intellectual means, responding a reader to him of the Day, Eduardo Avila, with the following commentary: arnoldo: I observe certain naivete in your tradicin in Mexico the servility of an ample sector from intellectuals the government. for examples of the present moment Enrique krause and company their books estan UNTIL CUATRIPLICADOS IN the LIBRARIES YOU PUBLISH OF the COUNTRY Carlos sources. .aval the fraud and OBTAINED the TRIBUTE BY THEIR 80 YEARS and one thus long one, need, detailed and significant list . The work of Enrique Krauze has coexisted in the collusion of its claridosas fidelities of the man tried who it. But the one would be entreacto of ensaystica justice that, in the Free Letters of its life and in the Clio of its glory, would be defined of the political and intellectual business and would put its prestige to the service of mainstream ideological of the Think Latin American Tanks. Although perhaps already it has been possible. Those certain things only happen in the tests of Enrique Krauze. Original author and source of the article.