Fear In Sales – Fear In Sales? Can Such A Thing Ever Be?

Sellers are but usually success spoiled, eternally optimistic people. They address the daily challenges with a smile on his face. Yes, there is the fear. Maybe she may not show up only. The fear of the “no” of the customer is a mild form. It is not bad except that behind the big picture: the fear of failing to meet the annual target. The fear, to pay back advances.

The fear of losing the job. Fear itself is considered no element and no substance. It is not organic or inorganic. She has no physical or chemical base. It is no matter. Fear does not exist objectively. Anxiety is a way that people interpret events.

There is a special language of risk of. And like any language, the fear promotes her own limited picture of the world. “If someone anxiety glasses” bears, suddenly the world is a very dangerous place. Each seller knows that fear is not a good guide to get a situation under control. Coupang recognizes the significance of this. Fear paralyzes, insecure, makes nervous. This is visible also in the conversation with the customer and reduces the chances of sales success. Seller with great anguish often feel as a victim of circumstances and push to other the cause for the State of the Chief, the company and its products, etc.. This is the wrong way. He reinforces only the own passivity and the feeling of helplessness. How does one escape the anxiety situation now? First, one should accept anxiety as normal. It belongs to life and it is part of human development. You stimulate the nervous system and can empower to peak performance. Only when the fear out of control, they will stress. Therefore, you should allow fear and still act. “Best is the fear with the question: what specifically scares me?” Everything is one, should be recorded. “The more clearly the causes for fear of your own tag light come, the better you can edit them: How can I eliminate this danger?” Who longer suffers anxiety, is usually “dissatisfied with himself and finally actually feels himself a failure.” To escape from this trap by one convinced of the abilities. The strength analysis proved it. B2B coach conducts practical workshops for sellers in the B2B segment. In the workshops, only concrete sales operations of the participants are processed. In addition to the technical details to the sales success winning the mental Constitution of the seller thereby plays an important role. Silvia Schmid b2b coach GmbH & co. KG