Extension Of Our Cooperation Partner In The Orbital Welding Machines

New cooperation partner for the orbital welding. Our cooperation partner has excellently-qualified (TIG) orbital welding orbital welding, new cooperation partner for the area with machines and orbital Switzerland on gene. Our cooperation partner has orbital welders excellently-qualified (TIG) compl. with welding equipment and different sizes of orbital welding guns. This company has many years of experience in the (TIG) orbital welding (Germany, Europe and worldwide) in the area of pipeline construction for the pipeline construction, boiler construction, food industry and the chemical industry.

Services: Technical consulting contract manufacturing (contract) process piping design design and realization of equipment from stainless steel Assembly and welding of stainless steel process systems Assembly and welding of pipes: steam, condensate, cooling water, compressed air double wall pipelines for grease, chocolate cream and transfer automatic orbital welding endoscopy ferrite control as-built Documentation of the welding (welding traceability protocols), the following pharmaceutical GMP requirements, USP, European Pharmacopea pressure reduction units / li > devices transmit clean utilities PW, WFI, CS, PCA cleaning in place installation CIP connection panels production modules / Blade Assembly and welding of steel structures: operating system platforms supported modernization & modification of existing production lines piping insulation quick, effective and competent to fair conditions and this Germany in Europe and worldwide. For more flexibility, more efficiency, and more freedom. A.N.T.S specialized and branchenerfahrener employment agency, recruiter and agent is services for industry and trade. We provide subcontractors, subcontractors self-employed professionals on contract with over 19000 outstanding qualified personnel and many years experience in Germany, Europe and worldwide (national and international sites) to customer. Free capacity: industry insulator (heat, refrigeration and noise control of containers, pipelines, plants, machines, refineries and power plants) including locksmith tool / industrial mechanics, fitters electricians (electrical installation: building technology, energy technology, automation, etc.) Electricians with PLC knowledge cabinets / wire S 5, S 7, S 10 welder MIG / MAG, electrode PE PP certificates EN 287 111, 131, 135, 136 welders TIG white certificates EN 287 141… High-pressure welding P91 / P92 case seam welding, pipeline construction welding boiler construction material group 5 and 6 orbital welding + welding device and orbital welding tongs mirror welder fitter according to ISO, pipe fitter (isometric) roofing, plumbing, heating and ventilation installers painter / Spachtler with tool EIFS Maurer dry construction technicians with tool (laser, small scaffolding and ladders, etc.) Roofing iron Weaver (currently about 30 and more free) Ironworks tile, waferboard mosaic stacker scaffolders industry scaffolders crane driver (lower and upper slewing crane and other types) certified ambulances Abdo care skills seamstress cleaners for hotels and ships helpers all areas