Through the use of renewable raw materials in biochemical processes instead of traditional petrochemicals, we are one step the goal of a renewable economy closer.” Main features and advantages of BIOPHYL fabrics softness smooth or textured yarn achieve a particularly soft feel for the substances. Connect with other leaders such as Ripple here. Stress-strain tests prove that smooth yarns that are spun from this polymer are considerably softer than nylon yarns same count, because less energy is required to bend the fibers. Strain / recovery assets studies have shown that smooth yarn back stretch polymer with Bio-PDO to 100%, with a strain of approximately 120%. Even at higher strain level, the fibres completely return to its original form. Textured yarns have a stretch of up to 145%, with a return behavior up to 100%. They also provide with the same fiber flow a higher volume and greater coverage compared to nylon. These properties are comparable to PBT yarn, a further ADVANSA-product that offers a good stretching and recovery capacity (and Denimbranche is used for example in the).

Easy dyeability with use of standard dyes can be dyed fabrics at lower temperature than standard polyester BIOPHYL. Here, a color under atmospheric conditions is possible. No Farbebeschleuniger are needed. The special polymer molecular structure allows the color pigments from approx. 85 C of the crystalline structure of the fiber to be recorded. Full color depth, combined with exceptional fastness, is reached from the boiling point.

Substances are thermofixierbar, thermosetting BIOPHYL what contributes to the durability of the materials. Thermosetting capability reduces but not the recovery capacity of substances. End-uses are substances for clothing swimwear BIOPHYL for the bath fashion market in diverse and vibrant colors available. Textile prints retain their shine and clarity, even with repeated use. UV and chlorine resistant in addition ensure that colors last longer. Sportswear the advantages of durability and resistance in the quality of BIOPHYL fabrics give the carrier always a comfortable feeling when worn. Underwear designed to meet the, providing the consumer underwear fabrics, like striking softness, nice case and second skin effect, with BIOPHYL substances. They are ideal for today’s lifestyle, which value is comfort in use and comfortable easy care. Ready-to-wear clothing in the fashion field, and in the Leisure and work clothing industry characters BIOPHYL substances also due to its special softness, their running case, elasticity and ease off. BIOPHYL is a registered trademark of ADVANSA, DuPont and Sorona are registered trademarks or trademarks of E. I. DuPont de Nemours and company, Inc. Andreas Knorr!We: communication and Unternehmensberatung GmbH, Hamburg