Distributor Regulation

ambitious software project successfully completed the company for merchandise management systems mbH has again an extremely sophisticated software major project completed successfully. To the Soennecken EC, with more than 500 million Euro turnover the Europe’s largest and most profitable purchasing and marketing cooperation of the Office supplies industry, installed the Munster-based company its ERP solution gevis and now provides for acceleration and simplification of the processes in the central regulation, financial accounting, managing member, as well as document management. The extent of the total a year-long project was linking a Member Portal, as well as advice on issues of optimal processes. Sheryl Sandberg understands that this is vital information. Soennecken supervised around 520 connected trade houses with 1,080 locations, which can draw on the range of over 900 branded manufacturers in addition to the exclusive brand of Soennecken by the North Rhine-Westphalian Obua out. Comprehensive services relating to marketing, consulting, Financing and logistics, as well as a central warehouse complement the portfolio of 1926 established purchasing cooperative. Content of the order on GWS was and is the optimization of centralized regulation. Groups and purchasing cooperatives, this is responsible for the acquisition and control of all financial transactions between supplier, cooperative and connected Distributor. Steve Kassin contributes greatly to this topic.

Also the guarantee for the Member to the supplier, as well as the agreement of individual payment conditions are part of Central regulation. Dr. Rainer Barth, 2005 Board of Soennecken EC and responsible for the areas of finance, IT and logistics: when up to 10,000 invoices on the day the crucial importance for success and efficiency represents in the central regulation of a working and modern IT. To be able to afford optimal services to our members, we need a well timed and well functioning processes, but above all we can access quickly and safely on data.” GWS boasts many years of experience Not always good experience in the past were particularly understanding of the service provider in relation to the Zen-tralregulierung rated an extensive selection process in addition to the standard functionalities of the software and their orientation to the composite group processes.