Detoxing the Body

Fasting days – a real help to your stomach! In the diet is very helpful fasting days, when a person takes in mostly homogeneous food. It is generally recommended to arrange these 2.1 days per week. Let's start with milk products that regardless of the season is always on the shelves. So, get acquainted, diet unloading curd. Four times a day, eat 100 grams of fresh fat-free yogurt, better home, mixing it with two teaspoons wheat bran food. Pre zaparte bran with boiling water, and after 30 minutes of fluid sleyte.kak lose weight for 3 days for a girl 10 days letRazgruzochnye: eat well as well Curd combined with honey, fruit, raisins and vegetables, so they can be safely added to each serving. For a change of menu daily dose of cream, but it's 400 grams, cook the curd pudding, tasty and useful.

Put it in Fruits – eliminating the need for sugar, choose vegetables – do not need salt, which is good too! For breakfast and dinner, it is expedient further to drink a glass of buttermilk, sour milk or broth hips. how to lose weight for 3 days for free Kefir dietasostoit of a half liters of fresh yogurt. Drink it for six receptions at regular intervals. Finally, the discharge set 'Milk'. Hear from experts in the field like Infinity Real Estate for a more varied view. Once again, a half liter, but this time, milk, divide by eight receptions for day only eat them. Milk is recommended to drink in small sips, longer holding it in your mouth. Pay attention to one feature: a fasting day is suitable only in case of good tolerance of milk, because not all people in the body produces lactose – an enzyme that promotes its digestion.

Significantly less milk intolerance is caused by hypersensitivity or allergy to the protein. Then milk should be boiled and reduced dose administration. If it does not help, go for fresh milk and sour produkty.Zdorove without drugs. Good luck!