Course Customers

Do is to create conditions that allow the employees to give their best for the clients and most importantly: to want to. The customer-friendly attitude of a company begins in the minds of the executives and starts always internally. No attentiveness to customers who, for example, not carefully dealt with his employees, can expect from it. A customer-focused corporate culture needs not only models, but above all the role models. The good practice is evident especially in the small things, which are seemingly obvious way or may not just be done: If about of supervisors on debris passes without having to lift him up, because he is too fine for this ‘ is. Or if he is the only one which bears no name tag, because it is not of God and the world ‘ to let wants.

To its role to meet, it is needed quite regularly as the painter by his image of himself to withdraw from a safe distance to reflect. Here are a few questions that can be this: Customers in my talks are regularly and positively present? How often am I talking about the importance of customers for the company? I regularly ask my staff for customer-focused proposals? As a company grows, the more the managers of the customer is alienating. The look is increasingly inward and up and no longer to the outside. So it is in the sense of a customer-focused corporate culture first, finding increased physical contact. And though not as compulsively mounted pseudo program, but from insight. The inventor must your still behind closed doors, the leaders the green table and the CEOs leave their spiritual boardroom, to turn feedback loops.

You should grab microphones and sincerely consult the customers. You should take your cameras and run after the customers, to record how they act. Go and see for yourself’ the Americans call this Course.