The mind is one of the most powerful tools of the universe. She has shown us how to do things that until recently seemed impossible. However, as well as powerful is equally weak and vulnerable since if you post it to bad or corrupt ideas, or associate it with bad habits and vices, in time she will learn and succumb to these behaviors. So, as you can see, in your hands is the power and the decision to program your mind for success or failure. But, what to do when your mind is programmed for failure? This brief history will help you identify where you should start to make changes in your life to realize any goal that you propose. The secret of success and happiness this legend is about an era in the history of mankind that humans apparently abused both of the secret of the success and happiness that the Council of sages that was responsible for taking care of it, decided to take the secret and hide it from people in a place where never could recover it.

The dilemma was to hide it. One of the Council members suggested to bury him in the depths of the Earth, but the most wise of all said: No, never an official since over time human beings may dig up corners more profound land, and no doubt found him. Another of the elders proposed deposit it in the murky darkness of the deepest of the oceans. But the more wise all intervened again:, nor there won’t, since finally the men safely will learn how to reach the deepest oceans, and then found it. Someone asked if the best solution would not take the secret of success and take you to the Summit of the highest mountain to hide there. No, no! replied the most wise of them-, that would not work, that one day humans undergo as scale including the more high mountains, you will discover him and aduenaran him again.