Cooperation Between GSX And BMC

BMC Patrol and GSX groupware solutions have agreed on cooperation. BMC and GSX have many joint customers who monitor their communications server specifically. GSX is not only capable of making automatic alarms, but to pass on this information via SNMP traps on BMC Patrol. Thus they can be processed and displayed in the BMC console. GSX groupware solutions is a leading provider of monitoring solutions of communication servers such as Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes Domino, Lotus Sametime and BlackBerry Enterprise Server. In the past 13 years over 500 customers, including 30% of the Fortune 100, chose monitor the software GSX, to get the communication structures in their company in the handle. The outstanding position of the GSX monitor due to unique technical features. The GSX monitor requires no installation on the servers to be monitored, thus causing the monitoring tool also no server crashes and can quickly installed and maintained be.

The software allows administrators to monitor the entire messaging environment with a single interface (Domino, Sametime, BES, Exchange, URLs, LDAP, etc.). Compared to all other solutions, the GSX acts monitor from the user’s perspective. This allows a realistic overview of all information of the server in real time. In addition the GSX Analyzer complements the GSX monitor with another powerful, web-based statistics and analysis capabilities, which enable the administrators and managers to act proactively and not to respond when it is too late.