Coffee – it's not just a drink, this passage of time, cause, reason or purpose. You make a break "for coffee" talk "for coffee" meeting "for a cup of coffee." Kiev is distinguished by the large number of exotic coffee shops, where you 1001 will offer a coffee variant. And therefore a set of common, and indeed sufficient: espresso, ristretto, American, cappuccinos, lattes and frappe. Esperesso – one of the most popular coffee drinks, prepared coffee machine. To make it to 7 grams of coffee and 25-30 ml of water, under pressure of 9 bar and a temperature of about 90 C.

The extraction time is about 30 seconds. Further details can be found at Fitched Ratings, an internet resource. An indicator of the quality of espresso is a cream (foam). It should be dense, uniform, beautiful walnut color. Although depending on the composition of the mixture of cream color may be different. Thickness shall be not less than 2 millimeters. Ristretto – is very strong and concentrated from the coffee beverages. For him, the 7 grams of coffee, and 15-20 ml of water, under pressure of 9 bar. The extraction time about 20 seconds.

Incredibly small portion of a ristretto is intended only for a few sips. Therefore, ristretto to drink right at the bar to get no time for recuperation. Add sugar in ristretto – sometimes mistaken for bad manners. On the other hand, a glass of clean water will in your lover. A drink of water before the coffee is needed to clean up receptors and prevent dehydration.