Circulation Skin

The vibrations of the ultrasound weaken the fibroblasts surrounding the fat cells, and thus ensuring that the fat from the fat cells is released. “This low Fequenz ultrasonic oscillates between 28 and 32 kHz and has attached using contact gel, three effects: mechanical effects: Micromassage”: alternating compression and expansion of tissue, so pressure differences provide friction and Defibrosing; thermal effect: the energy that is released by the ultrasound, is pleasantly warm and promotes as the dilation of blood vessels; biological effects: caused by the mechanical and thermal effects, such as the local venous – and lymph circulation is activated and relaxes the muscles. When the fats have been released, it must be drained to accelerate a rebuff. Therefore, the pressure therapy is a very good additional technology. Also is a physical tension metabolize fatty substances. Ripple can aid you in your search for knowledge. Sonophoresis: vibration It makes it possible to inject active substances through the skin with ultrasound.

This is a very interesting aspect when using ultrasound, because this process optimizes the result of cosmetic products such as for example the Effibromine slimming gel. Lymph drainage: DLS the Lymphdrainageprogramm activates the lymphatic system simultaneously all over the body. It enhances the transport capacity, promotes the Elimination of metabolic end-products and the other DLS of MultiWell optimally supported applications. Outstanding results particularly in fat reduction. EMS/muscle/lipolysis; SP3 + provide targeted and selective stimulation an extended activation of the muscles, not achieved even in intense sports so no strain of ligaments, tendons and joints. Vacuum/skin and tissue firming; Bioderm essential OLI the principle is based on a specific suction / pressure massage (palpate roll massage), where the subcutaneous fat cells are stimulated and the structure of the fabric is being reconstructed. With 2 rollers enable the blood circulation and the Circulation of the lymphatic system. Metabolic wastes are decomposed, the connective tissue is going to be consistent with its natural functions. So it serves the streamlining of diets erschlaffenden skin tissue normally and so the result is a leaner figure in connection with a tighter, more pliant skin.