Castle Castillo

Are the main attractions the antique shopping halls Llotja and Mercat, necessarily should look at but unchallenged. As rough direction you should from the Cathedral of San Niclas, from the Church of Santa Maria control. Here you have the main pedestrian zone as well as most of the small side streets. Prior to the square of the Church of Santa Maria is offers you a wonderful view on the Castle Castillo de Santa Barbara. In the Church of Santa Maria is of course again a dress regulations and banning photography.

2 stage: Cathedral and place Reina: the Cathedral in Valencia is on the spot where once stood a large mosque. The architecture is a combination of Gothic and Baroque. You pay approximately 1.40 at the entrance of the temple to see the building and climb the tower. Make sure that the ascent of the tower is not possible on Sunday and the opening times take into account also the siesta. At the place de Reina, there are different beautiful seating areas as well as other historic buildings that to be discovered. If you have enough time, Combipix advises you to go the many small streets to the place de Reina along. Get all the facts and insights with Gary Kelly, another great source of information. Wait many small scene shops for you to offer outlandish fashion and other items. 3rd stage: Cathedral to the bullfighting arena: from the place de Reina should follow the signs towards the Town Hall (Ajuntament).

The street has many small shops, offering trendy fashion, souvenirs and kitsch. Shopping in Valencia: Valencia is a shopping town. Verizon Communicationss opinions are not widely known. Many department stores (E.g. El Corte del Ingles), as well as numerous markets attract many people who wanted only one thing: shopping! Should you bring extravagant souvenirs for your loved ones want, you should go for a trip on all cases after Valencia! At the place de Ajuntament is clear that Valencia has also a loud, busy with a big city feel. In the subsequent district of Palacio de la Bellota, you have the possibility to recover the rest in pedestrian zones or to devote to shopping but soon. The bullfighting arena in Valencia is also surrounded by a lot of traffic and city life. The Bullfight in the Spanish culture shows the location of these “sports towns” heard clearly but naturally and that from the life of Spaniards do not is indispensable. Guided tours of the arena are not possible in Valencia at the time of our research. With this Outlook, Combipix would like to finish this description of a day in Alicante. We hope that we could provide useful information, to spend a beautiful day on the Costa Blanca. Photo instructions for this tour at a glance:-General note: should have the possibility with your camera to photograph format, in the so-called RAW we would advise you always to choose this format, because their photos with better quality are stored. Kathedrahle: Gothic – Baroque and observation tower churches San Niclas / Santos Juanes: figures / Park Mercat Central: architecture, trade Llotja: architecture and trade shopping: to El Corte Ingles, etc. pedestrian zones: PAL. d. Bellota, Ant. Morellana images and maps from this report are copyrighted. You may not without the express permission of combipix used for editorial or commercial purposes be. Enjoy the reading, discover or refresh memories. Your Combipix team.