Car Leasing

Much we have talked in this blog about the importance of ir pondered the formulas for acquisition of vehicles, leaving aside the purchase of vehicles first-hand and opting to do with vehicles of occasion either renting or leasing of cars financing formulas. Although nowadays because they may seem normal to do business with a vehicle in the form of renting or leasing, not do many years is idea came up to our borders, it was in 1985. Earlier, can place the first precedent of operating leasing, term which is known in the rest of Europe, by 1920 the company Bell Telephone System in the United States, which struggled to place their products and decided to rent them. The idea soon was imitated by other companies, such as International Business Machines (IBM), since he also offered them the opportunity to substitute for other more avant-garde technologically obsolete goods. It was around the 1960s when the formula for long term rental began to used to have access to the use of transport equipment. Ten years after the implantation of the renting in Spain, in 1995, was born the AER or what is the same thing the Spanish Association of Renting, in which five companies dedicated to promoting this activity between individuals, institutions and companies were grouped. Currently make up the Association 25 enterprises, which occupy more than 95% of the current market, although there are up more than 60 companies engaged in this activity.