Cabinet People

That is, a candidate does not have reason some to prevent company of intelligent people, mainly to have in its cast intelligent people and enabled, for the opposite, it he must know that they are these people who, if well intentioned, will be able to assist it in the best conduction of its government. Those that always looks the company of ignorants, people badly instructed, bajuladoras and imcompetent people, finish for denoting that they do not possess proper light, and therefore have fear of being dimmed by assessors more intelligent than it. As much is that Tito Lvio also already asseverava saying: ' ' With good bad and employee laws still are possible to govern. But with bad employees the best laws do not serve for nada' '. A good candidate must make, before everything, a good pair with its ' ' parceiro' ' , the Vice one. He must have between them, total integration and confidence, therefore a Mayor can and ' ' deve' ' to all make use of its vice one during its mandate. Its function is simple and is clear in the law: To substitute the mayor in the case of avoidance or other impediments and to assist it whenever he is for convoked it for missions special. A Vice one cannot simply be one ' ' alliance object poltica' ' , as everybody treats in electoral period, even because, making this, the candidate can be giving a shot in the proper foot. What I want to say, is that the mayor must be tranquilamente ' ' livre' ' (available) to know the problems of its city, to search investments, to find and to receive people, to look new tools of management even though or, to copy projects that had given certain in others places, why not? The function of a mayor is very beyond its Cabinet and it cannot become attached itself as if he was ' ' its empresa' ' , its house.