Board Ingo Soriano Eupen

A variety of studies show that more and more investors for sustainable funds and ecologically-oriented participation interest. Dusseldorf, 06 February 2012. Also, the same studies have shown that there is still a lack of knowledge with regard to the chances of these plants. So, some suspect that sustainable investments are alike with less return. Can you not leave this statement in General so”, says Ingo Soriano Eupen of the newly established underwriter Green Investor AG.

There are”highly attractive investments in the Cleantech, or renewable energy, which are both environmentally sustainable and financially very interesting. Green investors than newly established underwriter, which already bears his intention in the name, want to help contribute to show investors the opportunities of sustainable investments and give them access to specific investment products. In the Dusseldorf underwriter is private and institutional investors investment opportunities offered by industry professionals be managed actively, take advantage of cutting edge technology and generate above-average yields a manageable risk profile. The alignment is internationally and taken into account – as far as it goes – appropriate funding opportunities. That behind green investors standing team of experienced financial professionals is many years in the field of business start-ups and construction, project financing, assistance in initial public offerings, as well as in the private banking and wealth management operates. So Board Ingo Soriano Eupen, also the first public offer as energy fund, are soon.

It is a range of funds with specific projects in the segment energy on sustainable raw material base. Special feature here is the base load capacity”so other than wind and solar plants, which produce energy only by Sun and wind.