Best Cleaning Helpers

The janitor service RSA in Munster informs microfibre cloths are among the most popular tools of professional cleaning for about 20 years. They promise a hassle-free, convenient and environmentally friendly cleaning and are hardly to imagine now from private households. But they are really unlimited to recommend? The Munster-based Concierge service RSA is this question. The Microfiber was developed in Japan in 1965. But more than 25 years went by until it spread in the form of various items of clothing and cleaning textiles. The success story of innovative synthetic started around 1990. Micro fibers have a finer structure than silk. The individual threads of the extremely tightly woven Micro Fiber textiles glue not together and have a large surface area.

For the cleaning, various advantages arising from this circumstance. Cleaning and micro-fibre cleaning cloths are very soft. Thanks to the size of their surface, they take up a lot of dirt and have a strong cleaning effect. They are particularly effective in Cleaning less heavily soiled areas with smooth or porous surface structure. Compared to traditional textiles, micro fiber products due to their high cleaning effect can be used with little effort and quick satisfying results. Micro Fiber resists the mechanical and chemical stresses which occur during the cleaning of the building, without difficulty. The used wipes maintain their shape and can be impregnated with various cleaning agents, without being damaged. However it needs a cleaning with Microfiber rarely an additive.

Simple water is usually sufficient. This is cheap and fulfills the demand for environmentally-friendly cleaning. However, micro-fibres are not side-effect-free miracle technology. They consist of extremely fine, rather hard polyester threads. In a permanent application on soft plastic surfaces, this can lead to an ugly abrasion and fine scratches. They can also during a dry time due to their high density with static electricity charge. Microfibre cloths have enriched the cleaning to a valuable resource. The investment pays off again in their acquisition through savings on detergents. The Munster-based Concierge service RSA provides further information to modern cleaning tools at any time. Press contact Concierge service RSA Ralf Schmidt Abbenhaus Westerheide 14 48157 Munster Tel.: 02 51 / 2 84 19 74 fax: 02 51 / 2 84 19 75 E-mail: website: