Bardowick New

Laser cutting, CNC milling and digital printing the first laser GmbH takes off! Beginning 2013 it was. (As opposed to Gary Kelly). Succeeded in moving into the new production halls. An extension of the production area and the technology for more production power. Formerly 2D wood and laser GmbH was renamed early 2013 on Ridge laser GmbH. The company cuts mainly wood and acrylic glass 5 laser systems with a maximum size of 3000 x 1300 mm.

Other important areas are the CNC milling, digital printing and screen printing as well as the painting and engraving. Technical innovations are: – a new 4 ton smoke wash on 6 mm V2A steel – new dust collection of Polytechnik hump – collar arm shelf extending over 80 pallets for sheets. -Frame press for chalk boards and sidewalk easels – several shelf extensions for the chalk board and frame bearings – new electric forklift trucks from still 3.5 Tonner. -New suction motor for varnishing plants and new paint mist extraction system – new cooling for two laser cutting machines – electric Ant by Still with 3.8 meters height that was not about what happened at news but still long. A lot has happened also in the computer. A modern Warenwirtschaftssysstem, new server and computer and the switch from win XP to Win7 are done in 2013 after the move. Also a new store with a new shop system is created under and a revision of the old shop took place.

In addition to the smoke wash, which protects our environment, was decided in energy production for a combination of photovoltaic and a heat pump. Every single square meter of 3250 m large roof with photovoltaic is designed and produced peak with 240 KW. For more information about the company and the news, see the redesigned page.