Bank Accounts

Perhaps the title you consterno, but it is the truth. Currently we live an era in which we all want to find a way to make more money and many of us think that saving money and putting it in bank accounts is the best option and this is not true. You’ve heard your parents or grandparents say that before the money worth more? Because they are all right. Before having the money in the Bank was the smarter way to earn money, because although interest rates were not as high, the end of the year you had more money. Currently interest rates even if they seem high, inflation in Mexico is much higher that the interest rate that banks, so at the end of the year although you can have more money in your hands, worth less. The best choice in our times are investment funds, as the only financial instruments which after a while return you your money over are what you’ve earned with your investment. If you want to invest in mutual funds, contact a financial group to which you the necessary information for this important step you’ll: enter the world of investments.