Avoiding Self-sabotage

Self-sabotage is one of the biggest obstacles that stop you on the path to your goals. It’s a shame too, because, believe you can or not worthy of your dreams, you yourself generate obstacles needed to not get them. It happens to all, we tend to the suffering that is essentially cultural and is given to us by religion. I’ll teach you some guidelines to stop sabotage: 1 .- your self-limitations detects phrases such as: a I am not able , this is very difficult , is for the rich .. there are your self-limitations. Which are your senses and change it to positive, because if you believe it will be easier to come into action. We are all capable and have potential to reach our goals, it’s all about training and getting down to work.

2 .- Take action Now that you’ve found your self-limitations, and has become positive. Lives by those words, Believe it and live it. If you try to live these new claims, it is easier than you believe them. It is behaving as if you had already achieved your goals. Leave aside the statements such as: but that’s living in , because when we believe something, just be true. Accustomed to question all the claims to tradition, and ask yourself if you really are true at all, without exception, or whether it actually served at one time but not now.

Also if you notice in the same tradition are sayings that are opposites. 3 .- Trains Have the skills an Olympic champion, could have won without training?, What is the truth, is he a champion or not?. Not having a skill now, does not mean you can not acquire it, and all skills can be acquired through training. Train in the skills necessary to achieve your goals. These strategies are the ones I used and with whom enjoy your family and take advantage of everything that business,