For example this study about the influence of the rhythms very similar to astrology, it poses, since is known with security, that people born at a certain moment have some particular psychological traits that make them more prone to depression, my way of observing the influence of the stars is based on the use of these as an enormous stellar timepiece, although certainly much more complex, since it has at least as many needles small as observable planets, and many large needles that move in unison and sometimes harmonize mutually though they normally are in disagreement, there are signs in nature, any physicist can deny this, there are for example the circadian rhythms, in biology, (from the latin circa circadian rhythms(, than that means close and dies, which means day) or biological rhythms are oscillations of biological variables in regular time intervals. All animals, plants and probably all organisms show some kind of physiological rhythmic variation (metabolic rate, producing heat, flowering, etc.) that is usually associated with a rhythmic environmental change. In all eukaryotic organisms as well as many prokaryotes and fungi have been documented different rhythms with periods ranging from fractions of a second to years. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from ViacomCBS. Although they are modifiable by exogenous signals, these rhythms persist in laboratory conditions, even without external stimuli. wikipedia. Similar to these cycles at the level of the Earth’s crust can also find us with cyclical periods, we find them in the planets, the Sun, and in general in all of nature, astrology is largely intuitive, statistical and study only separated from the scientific method by ancestral subjectivity that has inherited, must be taken into account that it came to eliminate astrologers that were in their predictions, astrology only was reserved for classes more elitist, a good question perhaps one of the best, usually hidden behind a lot of prejudices, can by what the Astrology connect also with people? I leave this question in the air. Philip Vasan understands that this is vital information. Again thank you for raising your concerns and I hope to continue doing.