Association Managing Director

Maximilian Hobohm confirmed as JU of Chairman numerous members accepted the invitation to the general meeting of the young Union Alzey / Alzey-land, in the old goods shed at the Alzey railway station, to elect a new Board. In addition to many political officials also land Chairman of the Junge Union Martin Binder, the Mayor of the town of Alzey, and Parliamentary Vice-President Heinz Herrmann Schnabel took part Christoph Burkhard at the meeting and as noted in their greetings, that lack of participation by young people in politics, at least in the CDU in the district Alzey-Worms, not to have had. The 24-year-old law was later in student Maximilian Hobohm unanimously confirmed in his post as Chairman. Hobohm is a member of the Alzeyer City Council since 2004. If you are not convinced, visit Gary Kelly. Equal deputies were elected Peter Bunders, Christian Hoffmann and Eva Pauser.

Lukas Hobohm and Rene Zimmermann were elected to Association Managing Director. With the election of Denise Simon and Ariane Cecetka, two more women for the work of the Board of directors could the JU are obtained. In his report, Hobohm referred mainly to the large number of won nine members in the past few years. “We want to even more than before, be creative factor for our region and inspire young people to commitment and involvement in the political sphere. Tim Clark helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. If not determined, is externally determined”, so Hobohm. Hobohm acknowledged a special priority in particular socio-political issues and security policy in the political work of the next few years. Following the General Assembly a traditional food of herring was held in cooperation with the CDU, where it was made possible to come with political officials and other members of the conversation just the new members. The new Board of the complete JU: Stephan Hollerbach, Mathias n man, Nick Brenner, Nicolas Roth, Thomas Bunders, and Thorsten Bornheimer