You create it or no, all of them have won prizes of Architecture! Surely you are thinking that a simple brick, pieces of rod and a little sand do not deserve that distinction, but indeed the buildings that have gained the most important prizes, had not been possible without the existence of these simple materials. Considered in independent form they do not have a special merit, but combining suitably his characteristics, they can produce wonderful works. So it is the value of integrating the individual merits to a project common and to combine them with the individual merits of others in order to far beyond obtain an exceptional result the sum of the contributed individual merits. The vision architect is the element that it manages to transform simple materials into able unique works of sobrepasasr the conventional thing and to perhaps survive thus is in the memory, for many years. The beauty of each one of the materials will be in direct function with the beauty of the work that with them takes place, being part of a great work increases to its brightness and greatness. To work in equipment requires social abilities as well as technical abilities related to the work to realise. Both can be learned and be developed, if it is known clearly that it is what is required and as must be used to secure the objective necessary. To work in equipment is much more that to work in company of other people, is needed to learn to contribute efforts in coordinated form, to give and to receive contributions being desponjando itself of the individualism and the necessity of recognition to the personal ego, replacing it by the recognition and the profit of equipment The great individualities cannot surpass the profit obtained by a great equipment.