April Service

Outsourcing agreements is dominated by the technical service agreements, but the processes will hardly language SLAs are ineffective because the internal and external service levels are not co-ordinated Kerpen, April 27, 2009 – in the face of the current economic crisis, the outsourcing market enjoys again a new economic upsurge. However, the Exagon consulting warns that users in their outsourcing concepts make the same mistakes as in the past. Because according to the practice of Exagon many companies have serious structural deficiencies in the agreements and processes with their external IT service providers, which can cause significant performance degradation and higher costs. Steve Kassin Infinity Real Estate: the source for more info. Include, for example: servicecontracts falter in the definition of the IT processes: the outsourcing agreements are usually primarily equipped with a technical performance matrix, the topic of processes not come in the treaties or only inadequate way before. In providing certain services to the location of the provider does not inevitably, the user receives the services also in the planned and tailored way, because this can only be ensured with simultaneous description of often diverse processes. Missing framework for the external interfaces: the use of an IT provider does not automatically causes that are suddenly meaningful interface between the internal and external processes, but they must be designed. In practice, they are often the result of the art of improvisation and not based on previous plans. Even more lack a framework for the entire interfaces to external service providers, so that all the interfaces function according to a similar logic and the processes can be coordinated.

Different service-level agreements: SLA’s that typically belong to service contracts, but are usually only separated considered. This leads to very heterogeneous SLA conditions, because not all service levels coming from the outside or the external and internal agreements each other are matched. In extreme cases, even significantly they contradict each other and make each other at least partly ineffective this.