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While in this state, your real environment, the everyday becomes heavy and irritable, or rather, you get too cocky and irritable. And if you’re in that state, how do you think people around you will react? You may pay in kind, they will become irritable as you are. Here was the importance that if you want to see change in your environment, you should start with yourself. Fill you with peace and prevent non-harmonic thoughts will have good results, an issue for sure. On the other hand, what happens when your angels a face your Demons (against negative thinking positive thinking)? A terrible situation, since it will be your mind, your inner universe at war where one side shows you the good and the other side the bad, the critics, what is wrong. The worst thing is to focus all your energy in that war, you lose peace of mind, you overall stress, worry, a You start to feel bad, because the mind to peace will not be reflected in your real world consequences. Do you know what is the most terrible? You allow it, because although you can not control the environment around you (people and situations), is not it true that you can focus your internal universe, for that you have the Power of Creation.

You co-create this world. Not only your internal universe, but also external. Is there a way to win the battle between angels and demons a when it appears that the two are at the same level of benefit? This is when it’s secret weapon when you do Aware You Can Manage and cut ties as would the Prince of Los Angeles. As above so below, as below so above. DESPIERTA! 30/04/2009 9:04 pm Waldylei Yepez was born on February 3, 1986 in Venezuela. He lost his father when he was three months, a fact that will affect it significantly. In this way, grows up under the tutelage of her grandmother and mother figures that will leave a deep and indelible mark on his personality and heart.

In its quality as a good student, manages to stand out among their classmates and thus reaches the assignment to study a degree in Computer Engineering. Also, your commitment and self-attitude is carried venture the world of computers, computer security and web creation, under the figure of those who were his mentors over the years. Unexpected events illustrate many pages of his life, including the tragedy. The sorrows, disappointments and deceptions are also part of those pages, but always compensated in some way, with joys, hopes and claims of friendship. On many occasions, his style to become like their course: unpredictable. Waldylei find a romantic love, as a girl we met criticism of his environment, what happens at a general level. We see characters, perspectives, ideas and experiences. Perception and subjectivity are mixed in all their ideas. Empathy stars in their texts.