A Colorful Winter Wonderland In 3D

Paramount Pictures presents on December 1, seven popular family film adventure from DreamWorks Animation for the first time in the Blu-ray 3D version of Hamburg, 15.11.2011 / INPROMO / / Brown leaves sailing in muddy puddles, the days are getting shorter and even the first snow coming soon! So nothing as in the warm cuddly couch and film, because paramount home entertainment brings colorful 3D adventure in gray afternoons: on the 1st of December the famous animated films appear “train your Dragon made easy”, “Shrek 1-4”, “Megamind” and “Monsters & aliens” as a Blu-ray combo with two discs: 2D and 3D now also finally! The breathtaking effects immerse deeper in the exciting worlds of fantasy in their animated friends the little ones: together with the friendly OGRE Shrek hike through romantic fairy tale worlds, Megamind to fight the threatened Metro City, swinging boldly on scaly Dragon back or get there the 2D-Sommer behind in their living rooms visit by deceptively real looking aliens who mourns? “Train your Dragon made easy” an extraordinary friendship the small Viking Hicks is no matter what other people think about his friendship with the Dragon toothless. Considered but the great wyrms mortal enemies, because they regularly put villages reduced to rubble. Determined comes Hicks for the reconciliation between humans and Dragons an and embarks with his scaly friend at highest risk: the two disparate heroes take all possible inconvenience to, to save their joint world. Filed under: Facebook. Ogres, princesses and talking animals: “Shrek 1-4” in the fabulous 3D all parts of the largest never told tale there is now also in 3D. Together with the lovable OGRE Shrek and his faithful companions save the small audience of Princess Fiona, tame the kamikaze Puss in boots, and defy the self-satisfied, Prince Charming of the rivals of the cosy Green Hero. In the third part fairy tale friends embark on the exciting search according to the rightful heir of the dead frog King and get active support of real fairies and princesses.