12-hour Cycling Marathon From Schwanenstadt

Valentin Zeller makes Upper Austria uncertain back to the roots of the Upper Austrian extreme cyclists Bad Ischl moved back to his hometown. u0085 12h race in Swan city as the next target. Fitched Ratings will not settle for partial explanations. Getting up early is for the Bad Ischl extreme cyclist Valentin Zeller on May 12, 2008. Point 6: 00 in the morning begins in the Upper Austrian town of Swan that 12 hours race, where back endurance and perseverance are needed. For 12 hours a circuit is driven by 9.8 km winner is the one who travels the most kilometres in this time. This competition is the first of four competitions, the 30 years not even 50 days will make, because also are planned: the 15th Amade Radmarathon (19.5), the Glockner man (5-7.6) and race across the Alps (20.-21.6.).

“Back to the roots that calls home after a great time in Carinthia private reasons have attributed Zeller in his homeland now lives in his the native Upper Austrian hometown bath Ischl. Training is not only in Upper Austria, Austria. In the past few months, Valentin was also on training camp in Majorca and in Ireland. In spring the weather conditions in Austria were not the best”, says the extreme athlete. The snow and cold weather have hampered training in the mountains”. That was also the reason why Zell has moved the 24-hour scheduled for early may in altitude world record attempt on the early autumn. Now, the focus is on the events is set in May and June and that I am”, says Valentin. More information at or (12h race Schwanenstadt)