Zig Ziglar as saying that an objective so casual and taken lightly will be abandoned without problems before the first hurdle. This more than any work of formulation of objectives, requires seriousness and repetition. It takes 30 days to change a habit. It is not possible nor fair to take this project on casually or lightly. Objectives as stop smoking or banish any addiction are important, they are a serious thing, they are not a game. It’s life, and there is a life to live.

The formulation of objectives as these are not one minor cause, nor is a thing of a day, or something that you do once and ready. The formulation of the objective is never an accomplished task. It should be attentive and on top of the project with the energy of rigidity and also that of tenderness and gratitude also. Approaches that insist on hating the cigarette fails. After all, the cigarette has not stopped being a fellow faithful, in many cases, was that friend who was present when the friends went. So that should be a welcome also, a celebration at this transit resembling a farewell. It is a process that starts and continues to follow its course need energizing thought, care for him, tempt it, caress it. Bring every now and the conscience, those mental scenarios that were horrible impact and also remind you of those others are drivers.

And learn when you should bring that. S.O.S to quit () not recipe flowers for quitting, but he mentions the most used and relies on them to propose a method of work that is useful in dealing with addictions. In essence, with the exception of warnings regarding the chemicals involved in the habit to cigarette, this manual does not differ from the book to overcome addictions. Our philosophy and our method of working with Bach flowers are held constant, the exercises follow the same guidelines and the same guidelines to overcome the addiction to cigarettes, to work, to alcohol, to video games or to compulsive buying.