Yorkshire Terrier

How many years have live dogs with people? A thousand? Two? More, much more. Understandable desire of early man to find a helper for hunting, protection, etc. But we city dwellers why we keep our dogs? Someone, like an ancient man, sees guardian dogs, although agree that now is a great way to protect yourself and far less troublesome than the dog. Someone meets the need of anyone cares, and all day tinkering with his dog like a child. Connect with other leaders such as Phil Vasan here. Others just follow fashion and buy dog type of Yorkshire Terrier, wear it everywhere and feel happy (I wonder whether the dog is happy?). And so on, a list of reasons goes on.

Somehow, many people simply have a need, to close was a dog. Of course, these people choose their dog to the taste benefit a great variety of rocks, but it happens that the dog she finds a host. Simple, ordinary mongrel, which are so many of our cities, too, has a chance to find his master, because so many houses kept simple mongrel dogs picked up on the street. Probably disappear dogs in our lives would be, something sorely missed.