World Trade Organization

The more modern definition of economics which arises from neoliberalism, within the so-called welfare society, is globalization. Result of a policy focused on supply. Resolved the basic needs in a sector of the world’s population, the new market development seeks to cater in a consumption of luxuries and new needs, very secondary and sometimes superfluous. Capital, wealth and work continue to be the factors that determine the dynamics of economic development. Happens that not they are consistent with the dynamics of generating wealth. Mid-month of December 1. 999 became the G-20, made up of what make up the G-7 and other emerging economies. The Chairman of the Forum, Paul Martin, Minister of finance in Canada, warned that with such framework assumes the risk that markets reduce the ability of States to provide protection for citizens.

The only way to balance such a situation, is to focus global finance management on a basis of minimum distribution, but forceful (basic income v. gr.). Let’s specifically each situation that we have signed up. The tenets imposed at the ministerial summit of the World Trade Organization (WTO) held in Seattle, USA. UU. , at the beginning of December 1.

999 directly affect to the primary sector of the Leonese economy, which represents 9% of its GDP. Known as the Millennium Round, which It intends to reorganize the world trade, it proposes as a primary measure dismantle the system of grants and subsidies, which are the basis and the pillar on which develops the common agricultural policy (Cap) in Europe. They would mean such measures the disappearance of the subsidiary agriculture. Sectors of agriculture in Spain, whose development depends on the market, case of fruit and vegetables, benefit from the single currency in both and how that transaction costs are diminished, as well as the drawbacks and risks which meant the change of currency variations.