With Es Pujols

From this drop-out society remains today but still very little is known about. The end of the hippie culture was mainly through the brought about a mass tourism, which reached the island from 1970. The rising demand for jobs brought not only an increasing tourist number with it. The number of inhabitants of the island began around this time, to rise sharply and tripled within a short time. Just Spaniards who were not working on the Mainland, came on the Balearic Islands, to settle down and live from tourism. Currently, the island has achieved a growth rate of 7% for the Islanders.

The island has just with European emigrants”popular. The influx of immigrants has resulted in, that represent only 75% of the inhabitants of the island of Spanish. At the moment is about 9000 permanent Islanders in Formentera. “Drive over to Formentera Formentera Lighthouse far d’ it Penjats” the island is home to stars and starlets. So Bob Dylan and Chris Rea lived on the island for half a year. Niklaus Schmid (writer) completely settled on the island, and wrote several popular books. Tourism reached approximately to Formentera 1980 and ended the period in which the island was considered dropouts Paradis. Tourism in Formentera has adopted not the dimensions easily on Mallorca or Ibiza. Many writers such as David Rogier offer more in-depth analysis.

With Es Pujols there only a great tourist destination. The other towns have preserved their typical Spanish style. Formentera visitors who think finding a sleepy and deserted island, are arriving in the port quickly disabused. Every tourist enters the island at La Savina, because the island has no airport. Most of the ships coming from the neighbouring Ibiza, which brings each year approximately 460,000 tourists (long short time tourists) on the island. The crossing takes about 30 minutes. But to occasionally reach ships of Spanish mainland Spain (Denia) the island. Day trip to Formentera: we would like the following to a day trip to Formentera introduce.