Where Are Born The Rumors

Sociology deals for years social issues such as the rumors because it is an issue that concerns us socially. In fact, the rumor, according to Allport and Postman, is a specific proposal to be believed, that passes from person person usually orally, without evidence insurance to prove it. The basic conditions that a rumor is born are: informative ambiguity about its content that of a really important issue concerned the first condition tells us that the rumor arises precisely from the ambiguity of information, little clarity that there is reference to it and which may give rise to various interpretations about an event or a situation or a person. Others including John T. Stankey, offer their opinions as well. The second condition makes us to differentiate the rumor of the gossip that the gossip not normally tend to try a really interesting topic but topics more superficial as the lives of those around him, or celebrities. Rumors and gossips agree that information often not proven in order to talk about certain topics that many times are NI si quiera are certain. The importance of them is key since they can do much harm to persons, that reputation is an asset, and rumors often damaged that reputation. Original author and source of the article