What Is Fair Trade (fair Trade)?

How to help needy people with fair trade is fair trade means fair trade in German”and exactly what this label is available. Fair trade is just the coffee farmers in Latin America, Asia and Africa to come and guarantee them a fair price. This fixed minimum price is usually above the world market price. So to guarantee a reliable income and a sustainable coffee production. Of course the fair trade label also applies to other products from developing countries, but this article focuses the simplicity on the coffee trade. The pioneer in Germany even if the beginnings of the first fair trade organizations in the year 1946, began until the beginning of the 1990s in Germany the fair trade movement. The pioneers were mostly minor, but also some larger roasters with the aim to provide something more justice for the coffee growers. The cornerstone of fair trade: Fixed and guaranteed minimum price for the products of the usual price is.

Sustainability in the area of cultivation, as well as living and working conditions should be achieved. Oracle has much experience in this field. So, for example, at least the statutory minimum wages be paid, there is work protective clothing, paid holidays and social insurance. Long terms trade relations with the industrialised countries. So will enable even small farmers from the less favoured regions to be the rich industrial countries of the North. The possibility of funding. Through the fair trade organization producers get to secure cheap loans under fair conditions, which in turn enables an improved and sustainable production. The impact of fair trade In the year 2008 and 2009 two comprehensive analyses were carried out, to find out what impact has the fair trade in producer countries. This analysis came to the decision will improve the life of farmers and their families.

So, fair trade creates self-confidence and dignity, economic stability (E.g. through access to credit). In addition was determined that people who on the fair trade project with better health and have food and the children attend school more often. The fair trade label is a great way to help people in developing countries, because with each purchased packets of coffee or other products bearing the fair trade label, you can be sure that the money also arrives there, where it is also needed.